Sunday, January 10, 2010

7. Dirty Breather Hole

Sometimes I have trouble breathing, while cutting the grass, my nose will get stopped up. Perhaps I will come down with a virus, the common cold, and my breathing passages like to cease working in their proper manner. In fact, I doubt anyone can say they haven't experienced problems, at one time or another, with good, clean air flow.

Well, what to do? Clean that sucker out, get a Kleenex, blow and dig. Maybe some spray flowed up the beak, an inhaler, something to get the air flowing free. Needless to say, I believe, most people want a clean and clear breather. I know I cannot function properly without an unobstructed airway.

Hmm, seems not Everyone holds to this thought though. All I can say is, if my nose looked like the following photos I would probably be dead.

Better get out a big hanky.

Try breathing through this.

Look closely, guess where else I found dirt and sand.

At least I won't have an "I'm bored" excuse for some time.

Dirty and uncared for. How this machine actually ran is anyones guess. And, yes, I did find sand and gravel inside the carb as I pulled away the airbox. Although, at this time I am not able to give an accurate prognoses as to the condition of the carb's internals. I have not dismantled it yet, but I can only assume some sort of surgery is in order.

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