Saturday, January 30, 2010

11. Some tear down photos

I am not going to go in to great detail on the tear down, but I will please the masses with photos of the process. Some of these will also be a glimpse into the general state in which I took ownership of the "KXproject".

A few people have seen these pics and grumbled in disgust, exclaiming how horrible the condition, yet, I thought it was in quite good shape. I guess I thought this way since most bikes I buy are already apart, or nearly, with assorted parts in boxes or missing. My very first bike had an unknown malady when my uncle passed it on to me twenty and some odd years ago. Before I could even think of riding, this engine gremlin needed to be dealt with. In the long run this was a good thing as it forced me to become knowledgeable in the workings of the internal combustion engine and all other motorcycle systems.

This was my very first bike. A 1972 XL 250 (Not this exact pictured one).

Now on with the show.

Just a view of the front, no the forks are not bent, only the fender has been readjusted.

Another view of the muck monster.

There could be an engine in there somewhere.

Seems like I will be a pro at sanding, stripping and cleaning. Check out the washer-bolt combo on the brake lever.

Notice (1) torn seat cover, (2) dented expansion chamber. I will be recovering the seat myself, the process will get an in depth report. I am also going to be ridding the pipe of dents, either by freezing or heat and compressed air, report and photos when the time comes.

The tank, which will be the only plastic retained, will be sanded and refinished.

Remember the dirty breather post.

Found: Gravel and dirt, call me if you lost any.

I truly wonder how much weight could have been saved with a wash.

It is a KIPS.

Absolutely disgusting.

Soon a few more of these gems shall be posted along with more project stories.

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