Friday, January 1, 2010

6. Shiny and new

This is the state in which I found the aforementioned controls, if you take a close look you will notice that there is no front brake. No lever, master cylinder, or line. Ah, seems the absent parts pile begins its growing processes.

So, the bars made it into the refurbish pile along with the clutch perch, and bar clamps. The replace pile consists of kill switch, clutch lever, bar pad, grips, cables and assorted hardware.

The last post found me rounding up the necessary items to commence work on bringing the bars back to life. Now once all items were in hand I could begin. Powering up the hand sander I gave the bars a thorough once over to remove the layers of dirt and paint. Grabbing some 220 grit I hand sanded the roughed up bars down a bit to get rid of the harsh sanding marks left by the palm sander. Next came the steel wool and then a final once over with the metal polish. Oh no, seems the bars looked almost to good polished to throw any paint onto them. Of course, I already had the paint, and if it turned out bad I could always polish them a second time.

This is were it starts, the old and dirty.

After a once over with the power sander. Nice but a bit dull.

Tools of the trade.

Oooww, shiny.

I can see the difference.

All shined up.

Well it was off to prep and masking then into the spray booth.

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