Sunday, January 10, 2010

8. More piles- less bike

The piles are growing and the bike is shrinking. I think that anyone who is here knows how to take a bike apart, but putting it back together, right, and with no extra bits is what I really want to focus on. So, with that in mind I will not expend an abnormal amount of energy, time or space on the tear down. However, as it is applicable, I will delve into the dismantle and deconstruction, and certainly a few photos are in order.

Let's just say I dug in, and in two afternoons the KX was bagged and boxed.

Still looks like a KX (sorta').

More Rust, I've a good collection growin'.

Tails gone.

I do not have a garage, nor shed or shop.

Only carport and a tiny patio.

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