Sunday, June 6, 2010

17. Were was I? How's the Project?

Well, well, has been so long since I have written any tidbits of info in the bloggisphere. I must provide an update and say thanks as some donations have rolled in. Let's get to it.

I want to keep this blog about the bike, not about my personal life, all I will go into here is that I am working on an Associates degree. Funny how the posts ceased at about the same time I entered the program. That is not to say I also ceased working on the KXProject, the pace did slow to a crawl, yet some things did get done. Sandblasting took place, dirty hands, and an accursed set of swing arm bearings had to be dealt with. Cleaning, priming and painting of a few items took place as well. All of these edge of your seat stories will be posted here in short order. I do NOT get the summer off, but I do have fewer hours of classes, so hoping to ramp up the project proportionately.

I was also reintroduced to my long lost love. Wow, is she hot, even after all those long years apart, ten years since our last meeting. I even got dressed up for the occasion, and I must say I felt a bit awkward the first 30 minutes or so, stumbling and fumbling so as not to look the fool. After an hour or so though, I was wearing a huge dumb grin across my face, remembering how beautiful it all used to be, and was sure to be again.

After that first weekend together again, in April, we met two more times, but alas, I think we will be apart for a few months, at least until autumn at the earliest. Oh, well, a few months is not to long after nothing for a decade. I just wanna say "thanks for showing up again". Snowboarding, I'm back. Just don't break any of my bones.

Yes, snowboarding and the siren song of the mountains have pulled me back into their clutches, but I think I can put up with that.

That is plenty of information about non KX stuff, you don't need any more.

Onto donations, I have been finding out that the little button in the upper right hand side corner works. I must say thank you for the donations, and yes a little goes a long way on this project. Thanks again.

I will start to post project reports again, so after a bit of a hiatus, I'm back.

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