Sunday, March 28, 2010

16. What's goin' on?

Many things goin' on, and have found that time slips by so quickly. Haven't updated the KX project since March 8th, but that does not mean no work has taken place. Actually, quite a few things have gotten done while catching up on the SX series over the weekends.

For example, one of the local shops held a sorta' tent sale, I was instructed to be there early as a line begins to form at around 8 am. I showed up and found myself fifth in line, waited for an hour to pass and the doors to open, when they did the masses poured in. I will be honest, prices where low, if you wanted selected youth or outdated clothing, energy drink emblazoned paraphernalia, or cheap Chinese riding gear. Ah, what a huge disappointment, not one single hard part to be found, no wait, I did find Renthal unbreakable levers for $30. I made a dash to the vendor.

"Show me the Renthals please."

"We don't carry Renthal, but we do have these, they are the pioneer of the unbreakable lever."

"These" turned out to be something that looked like they came off of my dad's 1967 Triumph, aside from the fact that they had some strange geared, levered knuckle joint so as to be unbreakable. Over this u-joint was a strip of dry rotted old inner tube. No self respecting rider would mount this crap to his bike.

"Isn't that false advertising, saying Renthal levers and you don't have them?"

"No, it is the only banner I have, and I do sell levers for $30. You want one or what?"

"No thanks."

The whole "sale" was really a joke I think, much like the dealers themselves. Walking into a dealership these days is like walking into an 'Old Navy' or 'Gap' for "bikers". An avalanche of clothing spills out as one enters these new cycle emporiums, all walks of the bike world are not immune. Fifteen years ago when I worked at a dealer we had hard parts galore, ones you could touch and fondle before buying. I walked into that same dealer not long ago and couldn't find part one while shoveling H-D vests and pants out of the way. Same goes for the sport bike crowd and the MX as well. I want to see parts, and things I can bolt on that will make my ride lighter, faster, and more aesthetically pleasing, "Rockhard" and "Mobster" energy drink underwear ain't cuttin' it for me.

So, when another dealer was to hold a similar sale I growned and prepared for another dismal showing. But, to my surprise and joy, 85 percent of the sale was hard parts, and lots of um. The prices where excellent too.

The KX project has a number of items on the "replace" list, and I hoped to tick a few off. I spied boxes of green plastics, but what were the chances of finding 1989 KX plastics, 100 percent none I found out. I was prepared for this though, and after digging into a number of crates full of body work I came out with something I needed. A 2001 KX 125 Polisport front fender, and yes it works. A little further prospecting and up came some Maier fork/brake gaurds, these being from a '89 KDX 250, yes they do match up perfectly to my 125er.

Ten bucks, perfect.

No holes, how do I attach it?

Start measuring.

I think I have seen that pick before.

Measure once, drill twice.

Looks right.

Start drilling already.

There they are.

Don't use the largest bit first, start small.
Measure the grommet and drill hole to match.

Hope it works.

And for all you smarties, I do know which way the grommets go, see next photo.

That will do.

For those of you who noticed the donate button, I had hoped to race the KX project this year, but alas, it seems my hopes have been dashed. Unemployment does not agree with spending money on the project, I would rather eat and live, but I still want to race. So if any of you feel like helping out, a little in the pot goes along way. This is a budget racer remember, thanks.

Next time, maybe some more painting or cleaning, it all needs to be done.

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