Friday, December 11, 2009

3. Potential?

This is what a 1989 KX 125 should look like in its stock, pristine condition. I can say, without a doubt that my specimen looks nothing of the sort; to be honest, I hope it does not turn out in such a manner as depicted in the photo above.

As could be observed in the internet "For Sale" posting, $350 was the asking price. One point you could not see was that this was not the original price listing of $400. The kid was nuts, 400 bucks, even 350 is a bit loony; needless to say, I did not pay even $300. No, I was able to "bargain" my way down to 200 clams. Now, you may look at the following photos, and exclaim that I, myself, must also be some kind of loony in the first degree. Ah, but I can see potential, all be it, just slightly.

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