Tuesday, December 28, 2010

21. Braking News

How time has flown by, nearly four months have past since the last post. As is the case I am far behind on these posting versus actual work that has been done.
If one looks back at posts 14 and 15, wheel work can be observed; this post is a bit of a catch up on those.
Look closely at the rotor mounting, the hub and rotor don't match up, not to mention there were two bolts holding the works together. The only saving grace was that there was an absence of a front braking system. No chance to snap of those two bolts under braking and find the inside of the picker bushes. I just get shivers looking at that thing in such a state.
As always the rust gremlins have danced upon the disc, and as anyone who has read past posts knows, those gremlins haven't missed much on this project.
Turns out that is a rear brake rotor, fitted so beautifully to the front, so as I ripped apart the front wheel that thing had to go. Which meant I need a replacement. I wanted to try the wave style rotor, but didn't want to drop hundreds of dollars on one. I was able to cash in a few of my frequent buyer points and got a good deal on what I was looking for.

The new "Typhoon", just hope it works.

Looks like it should fit.

Put some thread lock on and use my calibrated elbow to torque those suckers in.

Perfect fit, and if you notice I used grade 12.9, a torque guide can be found here http://www.dansmc.com/torque_chart.htm

So far so good, of course the real test is yet to come.


Steve D said...

You should replace those front wheel bearings at this time. Probably less than $4.00 each side and better piece of mind.

KX Project said...

If you noticed I made a note to check posts 14 and 15, this is where the new bearings were installed.