Sunday, July 25, 2010

19. Framed

I have been busy with college, I have 13 weeks of classes crammed into 8, phew. But the project continues to move along, slow and steady. I had to hold of this Saturday as I 'had' to attended the AMA National at Washougal. Snapped a few pics, and as it was retro weekend I retroed it up with a film camera, no fancy digital camera, so it's off to the developers tomorrow. They vintage 2 strokes were on hand for a few laps, talk about slow and steady, well slow anyway. I still love the 2 strokes though.

As can be guessed by anyone who has "followed" my progress, as slow and sporadic as it has been, would correctly assume that the entire machine has been entirely stripped. So a few photos to prove the point.

Having fun.

Almost bare naked.

The rear master cylinder screws were rusted solid, had to drill them out. No surprise really.

Can't wait until I get to the rusty bits.

Workshop number one. I also have some tomatoes and peppers growing off to the right.

Freshly peeled.

Rust-o-leum self etching primer laid down.

Ready for the green.

Lookin' better.


Some detail.

After all this work, I will be afraid to ride it for fear of scratching it.

But, why build it if I am not going to ride it? No, as one of the first post says this bike will be for riding.

Now it really feels like progress.

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Anonymous said...

Lookin' good! Thanks for the post...:)